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Climbing, Grade 6

Situated in the central Andes of South America, Cerro Aconcgua (6960metres) is the highest mountain in the world outside Central ASia. Although not technically difficult by normal routes, Aconcagua towers 1,000 metres above the surrounding peaks. From the summit there is a spectacular view north and south along the spine of the Andes mountains, west across the coast of Chile and out into the Pacific Ocean and east onto the pampas (plains) of Argentina. There ia also a view down the 3,350 metres, shear south face of Aconcagua, higher than any of the faces on Mount Everest.

After flying across the SOuth Pole to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and a domestic flight we arrive at the delightful city of Mendoza. It is from this wine producing area of Argentina that we organise our climbing permits and supplies. From Mendoza we travel by bus to Puente del Inca where we meet Gouchos (Argentinian Cowboys) and Pack horses who will carry our loads up to the base camp. The route we will follow is via The Polish Glacier, the most beautiful, non-technical route to the summit of Aconcagua.

Although expedition members need no prior mountaineering experience, it is essential that all participants have trekking outdoor experience.


Day 1 Sydney to Buenos Aires.
Day 2 Fly to Mendoza.
Day 3 Expedition Preparation.
Day 4 Bus to Puenta Del Inca.
Day 5 - 24 Mountaineering.
Day 25 Bus to Mendoza.
Day 26 Fly to Buenos Aires, Fly to Sydney.
Day 27 Arrive Sydney.

Joining Sydney / Melbourne /
Brisbane and Canberra - 27 days
2000 : 04 Dec - 30 Dec
2001 : 03 Dec - 29 Dec
Cost : $6,600

Land Only Cost : $4,665
Join tour in Mendoza, Day 2;
Finish in Mendoza, Day 26.
Cost includes : Hotels in Mendoza and Puenta del Inca, climbing permits, road transport, all meals in the mountains, group equipment, horses and English - speaking guides.