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Climbing, Grade 6

Without equal, the Peruvian and Bolivian Andes provide the perfect environment for the adventurous trekker to sample the delights of high altitude mountaineering. They provide the neccessary conditions for a safe introduction to this thrilling yet widely misunderstood pastime. Such things as safe, stable snow conditions, ideal weather and quick access to camps all contribute to safety, while enjoying the ambience of the mountains.

Mountaineering for beginners combines the cultural and social experiences in an exotic land, with the added excitement of safely climbing glaciated peaks up to 6,370m in the tropics.

Why mountaineering? Well, brought down to basics, mountaineering enables a human being to comfortably experience potentially hostile yet hauntingly beautiful alpine environments by utilizing special skills (both mental and physical) assisted by modern technology. Mountaineering hones and perfects your physical and mental skills . Under the leadership and tuitin of our guides, all you need is enthusiasm.

After an acclimatization period in La Paz, Bolivia, we ascend a gently rising glacier up to a 5,200m pass having spectacular views of mountains, rugged glaciers peaks and passes. In the west Lake Titicaca, and eastward the headwaters of the mighty Amazon River. With the enjoyment of our first climbing experience behind us, we travel to teh Cordillera Blanca (a mountain range in Northern Peru) via Lake Titicaca and the floating reed islands, Cuzco, Machu Picchu and Lima. We spend the next 10 days in the astounding region gradually taking on higher and more spectacular peaks.


Day 1 Sydney to Buenos Aires.
Day 2 Fly to La Paz.
Day 6-9 climbing.
Day 10 Bus to Puno.
Day 11 Lake cruise.
Day 12 Train to Cuzco.
Day 13 In Cuzco.
Day 14 Machu Picchu.
Day 15 Fly to Lima.
Day 16 Arrive Huaras.
Day 17-20 Climbing.
Day 21 In Huaras.
Day 22-31 Climbing.
Day 32 Bus to Lima.
Day 33 In Lima.
Day 34 Fly to Buenos Aires.
Day 35 Fly to Sydney.
Day 36 Arrive Sydney.

Joining Sydney / Melbourne - 32 days
2000 : 12 Jun - 15 Jul
2001 : 11 Jun - 14 Jul
Cost : $6,272

Land Only Cost : $4,300
Join tour in La Paz, Day 2;
Finish in Lima, Day 30.
Cost includes : Flight Cuzco/Lima.


Alpamayo, "the most beautiful mountain in the world", northern Peru.
SOCIAL CLIMBERS Expedition camp site in the Cordillera Blanca.
Photo: Milton Sams.