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Skiing, Grade 3-5

This ski holiday readily allows the avid cross-country skiier and enthusiast powder snow lover to ski into unvisited wilderness areas as day trips, returning to the warm comfort of a hotel or lodging at night. After one day in Buenos Aires we fly 1,600km south to where the great Andes Mountains spread into a land-locked lake area of scenic contrasts. Bariloche is built on the shores of the regions largest lake and is one of the beautiful ski resorts in the world.

After 1-day ski trip to Cerro Lopez Lopez, we travel by bus 235km north to the Lanin Volcano National Park. Using a rustic farm house as a base, we ski on and aroind the dormant Lanin Volcano, towering thousands of metres above the unique "Monkey Puzzle" forests.

Leaving Bariloche, we fly to Ushuaia, built on the shores of the Beagle Channel. It is the capital of Tierra del Fuego and the most southern town in the world. The valleys in the rugged, glacierated mountains bhind Ushuaia supply perfect cross country skiing. There are open beac forests and lots of deep powder snow. using our hotel in Ushuaia as a base, we are able to ski up a different valley each day to explore the frozen beaver dams and lakes, big forest and canyons, and carve telemarks in the innumerable basins and slopes.


Day 1 Sydney to Buenos Aires.
Day 2 Fly to Bariloche.
Day 3 Skiing on Cerro Lopez.
Day 4 Bus to Lanin Volacao.
Day 5-8 Tour to Iguazu Falls.
Day 12 Fly to Ushuaia.
Day 13 -19 Skiing.
Day 20 Fly to Rion Gallegos.
Day 21 Fly to Sydney.
Day 22 Arrive Sydney.

Joining Sydney - 22 days
2000 : 05 Aug - 26 Aug
2001 : 28 Jul - 18 Aug
Cost : $4,526

Land Only Cost : $2,455
Join tour in Buenos Aires, Day 1;
Finish in Rio Gallegos, Day 21.
Does not include local flights.


Cross-Country skiing on Cerro Lopez near Bariloche, Argentina, CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING.
Telemark turns in powder, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. Photo: Milton Sams.