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Trekking, skiing, mountaineering, Grade 6+

This adventure is essentially the same as our 22-day Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego program but finishes with a 10-day exploratory expedition into the vast Rio Turbio wilderness area south of the Lago Puelo National Park. After two extremely pleasant days in Bariloche eating chocolate and smoked trout, we travel souththrough the mountains of the beautiful Lake District to Lago Puelo and after crossing the lake by launch we arrive at Gaucho (Arentiniain cowboy) community. The families living on this small flat, surrounded by rugged mountains and forests are very hospitable and are strongly influenced by the original traditions of their ancestors. After a night in the loft of a barn on a lake, we travel by ox-drawn cart to 5km to a wide river crossing. From the other side we trek for the next 10 days crossing a remote pass closee to the Chilean border, around lakes, through majestic alerce forests, exploring glaciers at the heads of valleys, before returning via a different route. Come and experience what being an explorer is like.


Day 1 Sydney to Buenos Aires.
Day 2 Fly to Ushuaia.
Day 3-6 Trekking.
Day 7 Fly to Rio Gallegos, bus to Puerto Natales.
Day 8 Cruise in Last Hope Sound.
Day 9-14 Trekking.
Day 15 Bus to Calafate.
Day 16 Perito Moreno Glacier.
Day 17 Fly to Buenos Aires.
Day 18 Fly to Bariloche.
Day 19 Day walk up Mt. Lopez.
Day 20 In Bariloche.
Day 21 Bus and boat to Lago Puelo.
Day 22-32 Trekking.
Day 33 Boat and bus to Bariloche.
Day 34 Fly to Buenos Aires.
Day 35 Fly to Sydney.
Day 36 Arrive in Sydney.

Joining Sydney - 33 days
2000 : 09 Oct - 08 Nov
2001 : 08 Oct - 07 Nov
Cost : $5,500

Land Only Cost : $3,700
Join tour in Santiago, Day 2;
Finish in Santiago, Day 31.
Cost includes : Flights Santiago/Coihaique and return sea and air travel between Coihaique and Laguna San Rafael.


Rio Turbio Wilderness Area, Argentina, PATAGONIA EXPLORATORY.
Photo: Milton Sams.